Your suggestions are 100% anonymous

Learn more about how we keep your data safe and anonymous

Free Suggestion Box was designed to be an easy way to gather real and honest information from anyone. We understand that for real information to be exchanged privacy is very important. We promise to never store, share, or identify any personal information about you or your suggestions.

Data Storage

All suggestion data is stored in an enterprise level data center and is protected by multiple levels of security. When a box owner deletes a suggestion box all of the associated suggestions are deleted from our servers for good.


When you submit a suggestion to a box you are 100% anonymous. We don't log any information about your visit. There is no way to identify where a suggestion came from. A suggestion box owner sees a list of suggestions with a date and time. No other information is provided.

Data Privacy

We will never share your suggestions with anyone. Only the owner of the suggestion box can see suggestions and they don't know who they came from.

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